Thunder Treats was born from the idea that athletes and celebrities need to be held accountable for stupid things they do.  From there, we have evolved into a favorite destination for humor on sports, women, entertainment and music. We try to cover interesting stories and put our one of a kind opinionated touch on it. Sounds like fun, right?

If you have ever thought about writing or always wanted to give it a shot but didn’t have the platform to have your voice heard, you’re in luck.  We cover humor, women, sports, entertainment, music and general awesomeness. Defining awesomeness is not something I can convey, it’s just something you possess, which you will once you start writing for Thunder Treats.

Wonder why no one is writing about Matt Stafford being an average quarterback with an above average receiver?  All of that can put into articles on Thunder Treats!

Topics to be covered…

Humor: YouTube videos, memes, GIFs, etc. If you are awesome and you think it’s funny, then other awesome people will too. Simple math.

Women: Know a hot model that hasn’t been getting the exposure she deserves? Maybe she is our next Hump Day Hottie.

Sports: NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA coverage with opinionated editorials. Develop your own style. That is what builds an audience.

Entertainment: Do you often find yourself wondering when the last time Bruce Jenner’s face moved? Clown on celebs because they all take themselves too seriously.

Music: Is there a new remix out? Is someone’s new album dropping or is it streaming online for free? We like to stay on top of the beat.

Awesomeness: One cannot define this category.  It isn’t something you acquire, you’re born with it.  But you’ll know a story that falls under this category when you see it. I promise.

If you want to give writing a shot and you think you have a story that would be a good fit on Thunder Treats, please feel free to email us at Please include your name, writing sample (if applicable) and the topic you think you could cover best.

What’s in it for you…

You may have found yourself wondering what is in it for you…Well, what we can offer right now would exposure on a national site that is regularly linked to by Sports Illustrated, The Big Lead, Deadspin & Yahoo!, among others. We will include an author byline at the end of each of your articles and you can include a link back to your personal website.  If your story generates a traffic spike, monetary bonuses will be discussed.

What you need to do…

Submit your article in an email or word format with all the links and pictures (with credit) attached.  Your article must be original to Thunder Treats and plagiarism is of the zero tolerance variety. Shoot us an email using the form below to ask any question your little hearts desire.

Can’t wait to work with you!