Facebook Commerical has a New Parody: Facebook is Like a Toilet [Video]

Last week, Facebook rolled out a new ad campaign in which they compared Facebook to, among other things, a chair.  In my opinion, the commercial was both confusing and rather stupid.  They tried to hard to go too deep and it backfired in their faces.

When something like that happens, there are certain things that must happen in order to keep peace on the internet.  I am talking about the meme.  I am talking about a large group of people taking someones badluck, bad photo, or in this case, bad advertising and smearing it across the internet with a twisted caption or a parody video.  It sounds harsh but it is easily one of the best parts of having internet access.

Thankfully, there are a ton of skilled and witty people out there with the time on their hands to make such memes. And thankfully, we came across Andrew Zenn’s take on Facebook’s “Chair” campaign.  Watch the video below, be warned it has some NSFW language.

[youtube id=-2vfxnfWGRA ]


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