Q&A with Grace Kosmider, Finalist in the 2014 Maxim Hometown Hottie Competition

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to Grace Kosmider.  We named her our Hump Day Hottie and told you to get a good look and that we would be back with an interview.  Well here we are, the voting is now open for Grace and you need to go vote right now.  Then, when you’re done, have your friends vote. Then, when they are done, have your parents vote. And so on and so forth. Then, repeat this every day until voting closes at the end of November.

Once every breathing person you know has voted for Grace, make sure to check out this great interview she so graciously did with us.  Seems to us that Grace would be a awesome babe to hang out with but at the same time could whoop our collective asses if/when we stepped out of line.  Check out the interview below and be sure to follow Grace on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


We know your name is Grace and you’re from Orlando but what is the rest of your story?

I started getting into modeling 5 years ago, and I didnt really put a lot of effort into it until about a year ago. It took me awhile to figure out that this is what I really want to pursue and accomplish in life. I have been throwing 10 different avenues into a basket at a time and pushing hard for a few opportunities to come through! My motto is work hard, because nothing just falls into your lap. One of my major inspirations in life is my late crossfit trainer and dear friend Rich Millsap. He was owner and trainer of CrossFit Mosaic and always pushed hard to make life happen and encouraged everyone to do the same. He said never give up.  I also have a background in TAE KWON DO. I’m a 2nd degree black belt so I have great dedication to living well and being healthy. Oh yeah… and I can kick some major ass. Other than my extreme physical activities I am just a down to earth, easy going person who doesn’t require a lot of maintenance or attention..I really pride myself in being a well rounded young lady.

Sounds like you’re all business!  I guess that’s what it takes to be one of the 10 finalists for Maxim’s Hometown Hottie competition! How did you get entered into their contest and what has the process been like?

Haha I’m not all business, well recently I am. But I’m extremely laid back and chill also. Honestly one day I was just surfing the web and came across the entry for the Hometown Hotties contest. I figured what the hell why not, so I submitted a few pictures and made it to week 5 of voting…I didn’t tell any of my close friends and family about it until I made it to the semifinals. Once I made it to the semifinals I bothered everyone I knew to vote for me at least once a day. I felt so bad after awhile because thats all I was talking about, it was probably so annoying. I’m surprised I still have friends! The process of this contest has been such a great experience for me to carry with me forever. I am so grateful to even get this opportunity. 

So the contest is now down to just 10 girls. How is the winner picked? Can we vote for you? Is there an inbox we can inundate to make sure you win?

The voting starts at the end of October when they release all of our fabulous pictures that we worked so hard on in Miami. The voting will be on Maxim.com under Hometown Hotties 2014 and then of course click on me to vote 😉

End of October is my birthday (24th)! Obviously a great sign. So a Maxim photoshoot in Miami huh? How was that? Did you feel big time and were there any cat fights or are all you girls BFF’s now. (Ed. Note: first and last time I use the term “BFF” on Thunder Treats)

I lived in Miami for 2 years awhile back so I’ve kind of already been there and done that but it was so fun being able to be there on “business”. We ended our week with a wicked pool party where a lot of “fans” came out and there was music, food, drinks..you know all of the great things in life. There were definitely cliques going on between us girls.  That is a given when you get 10 completely random girls from all over, and make them spend every waking moment together. I’ve definitely formed a couple great (BFF) long lasting friendships from it. 😉 Oh…and definitely a sign that your birthday is at the end of October. Im all about that!

I’ll just assume my invite to that pool party was lost in the mail…What does the winner of the Hometown Hottie Contest receive?

Oh my gosh! You didn’t get it? I totally sent it to you 😉 I’m not entirely sure what we get for winning..other than great exposure and $20,000 worth of retail items.

See! I knew it. Thanks a lot, USPS. Great exposure and $20,000 in retail items sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.  Now all we need to do is figure out how you are going to insert Thunder Treats into every interview you do…hmmm…
All kidding aside, We wish you nothing but the best in the future and we will be spreading the word and making sure everyone is voting for you because you seem like you are more than qualified to take home the title of Hometown Hottie 2014! Before we let you go, is there anything else you would like let people know?

I’ll try to sneak Thunder Treats in there as often as possible! Thank you so much and it was such a pleasure speaking with you. I guess all you need to know is that I’m an extremely dedicated, sweet, kick ass person who embodies the term “hometown hottie” so vote for me please!!


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BIG thanks to Grace Kosmider for taking time to talk to us! Make sure to vote for Grace as much as you can because, clearly, she is awesome. You can also learn more about Crossfit Mosaic here and read a bit about one of Grace’s biggest inspirations, Rich Millsap, who was tradgically killed in August. You can donate to help his family during this hard time here.


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