You Have To See The ‘Safe Selfies’ Brochure Russia Is Handing Out

We all know those Russians are a crazy bunch, but this is something else. In a rather serious report, CNN tells us that the “death by selfie” toll is on the rise in Russia and they are just sick and tired of it.

According to the report, the Russian police have printed a brochure that they plan on handing out to students and the general public after the country has recorded 10 selfie-related deaths and over 100 selfie-related accidents this year.

Since kids these days don’t like to read, they included some images in their brochure that will transcend the language barrier.

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 11.52.21 AM


From what I can see, you should not take a selfie while falling down the stairs backwards or while standing on what is either an airplane wing or a large antenna/tower of some sort.

Please take precautions.

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