Twenty One Pilots Release ‘Lane Boy’ Video Filmed From Bunbury Music Festival

Twenty One Pilots are one of the best live shows you can see these days. From the audience participation to not being entirely sure what structure Tyler Joseph is going to climb, it really is a show you should all get to experience. I saw them at Bunbury Music Festival in June and I will be seeing them at Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits as well. I suggest making them a must see if you have the chance.

The audience participation, while awesome, was also serving a purpose. At Bunbury Music Festival this year, they filmed it and used it for their new video for “Lane Boy” off their latest album Blurryface. Check it out below.

It wasn’t quite the rage fest that “Car Radio” was for audience participation, but when you see 20,000 people crouched down in unison, it’s pretty cool.

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