Tom Brady Deflategate Four Game Suspension Is Quite The Coincidence

On Monday, we learned that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady would serve a four game suspension, without pay, at the beginning of the 2015 season for having knowledge of deflated footballs that were used against the Indianapolis Colts during the AFC title game in January.

The New England Patriots were also hit with a sizable punishment in the form of a $1 million fine and the forfeiture of their first round pick in 2016 and their fourth round pick in 2017.

It is the largest punishment handed down by the league since Eddie DeBartolo Jr. pleaded guilty to a felony in a 1999 Louisiana gambling scandal.

While they may appeal and get Brady’s games reduced, it is interesting to look at the Patriots’ schedule for 2015 and see when the golden boy returns to action.

patriots schedule

That’s right. The fifth game of the season will see Tom Brady return to the field.

Against the Indianapolis Colts.

On Sunday Night Football.

Did you just say “you gotta be shitting me” outloud? Because I did.

You can’t honestly tell me that who the Patriots are scheduled to play in their fifth game is just some wild coincidence that the league didn’t even give a second look. This game will be hyped right out of the gate. Hell, it is already probably being talked about too much and the suspension was just announced hours ago.

I haven’t even turned on ESPN and I’m already sick of hearing about this.

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