Thunder Treats Podcast Ep126: UFC Fighting In Bar Parking Lots, Actual UFC Fights, Athletes Punching Women, Ariana Grande Hate & Fiddy Files For Bankruptcy

Welcome to Thunder Treats Podcast episode 126! Lydell is up on the hosting duties and delivered a stellar show. DiNunz even showed up for, like, the third week in a row. So it was a full cast for you.

We covered fighting…a lot of it. Drunk dudes in bars, not drunk dudes in octagons, crazy dads punching teens, football players in bars. Really, there was something for everyone.

We also covered some golf and some NFL news and some other bullshit.

Also, DiNunz told us that his new thing is “shushing” his fiance when she gets mad at him. Somehow he hasn’t had his testicles physically removed from his body yet.

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