Thunder Treats Podcast Ep123: Lydell Hosts, Warriors, His Blackhawks, NBA Draft, Puff Daddy Fighting & Lydell’s Impression Of Mase

Welcome to episode 123 of the Thunder Treats Podcast! DiNunz is on vacation…again. He seriously got the best package when he was hired on. He got more vacation than Lydell and I combined. But I digress. We don’t need ’em! It was Lydell’s turn to host and his “Hour of Hate” did not disappoint.

We covered the Cavalier’s getting their faces rubbed in the dirt (eventually) by the Golden State Warriors and what to look for in the upcoming NBA draft. It was a wild weekend at the U.S. Open and we really show off our golf knowledge. Also, who can Lydell root for now that Tiger Woods is pretty much done?

Sprinkle in Puff Daddy trying to beat someone with a kettleball and Pete Rose getting busted for gambling on the Reds while playing for them and you have yourself one helluva episode.

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