Thunder Treats Podcast Ep108: The NFL Combine, NBA Trades, Cavaliers Fairweather Fans, Daytona 500 & Sex Teddy Bears

Welcome to episode 108 of the Thunder Treats Podcast with myself, DiNunz and Lydell. In this week’s episode, we talk a lot of about the NFL combine and the NBA and their trade deadline. We somehow got on the topic of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Lydell pissed me off so bad that I had to get up and leave and go make a drink. It’s entertaining. I’m actually not sure of how much of the bullshit they spew they actually believe, but it has to be less than half.

Also included in this weekend is below:

  • Infomercials that are the worst
  • A Teddy Bear sex toy seems like a bad idea
  • Zach Mettenberger better than Mariota or Winston?
  • The NFL Combine
  • The NBA trade deadline
  • Are Cleveland Cavaliers fans fairweather?
  • Birthday presents for kids
  • Crown Apple

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