Thunder Treats Podcast Ep107: NBA All Star Weekend, Brian Williams, UFC & Way Too Many Reasons Why We Hate Winter

Welcome to the 107th edition of the Thunder Treats Podcast with myself, DiNunz and Lydell. I hope everyone had a warm and eventful Valentine’s Day weekend and I also hope you did more than I did this weekend. Even though Lydell and I didn’t make it out this weekend, DiNunz did a good job of drinking enough for all three of us on Friday night. He still wasn’t 100% when we recorded Sunday night.

We are now in the doldrums of the sports world with only the NBA, Golf and NASCAR to feed our sporting desires. As such, there isn’t exactly a lot to talk about for the next few weeks. Therefore, Lydell came up with a good waste of time…List everything you hate about winter. The winter-hate fest starts up around the 30 minute mark and you’ll be impressed with my hatred for the wind chill.

Other topics include

  • The NBA All Star Skills, 3-point and Dunk competitions
  • Kevin Durant hates the media
  • The Daytona 500 (seriously)
  • Brian Williams
  • Lydell read 50 Shades of Grey
  • The Winter-Hate List

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