Thick Girl Flip Cup Is Coming To A Party Near You

During a recent trip to Myrtle Beach, S.C., Lydell got to talking to a bartender and she asked him if he had ever saw anyone play Thick Girl Flip Cup.

Obviously, he was intrigued and he asked for an explanation. And thank God he did.

Before you get excited, this game has no ties to the actual drinking game Flip Cup other than the object being to flip the cup. However, how you flip the cup also differs exponentially.

A girl, thick or not, places a red solo cup upside down at the base of her back. She then proceeds to twerk in order to flip the cup. Simple and awesome. Drinking is not directly involved in Thick Girl Flip Cup, but judging by the video, it definitely takes place during the game.

While it seems Thick Girl Flip Cup was invented for the female crowds, you can see in the video above that some dudes step up to take the challenge. This is not advised, or generally enjoyed by anyone else, so knock it off. You’re ruining it.

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