The Emmy’s Inspired Jimmy Kimmel To Do A Live Version Of Mean Tweets

On Sunday night at The Emmy Awards, Jimmy Kimmel made a joke about how it would be easy to pick the winner you wanted after they give you the envelope to present a winner. Mainly because no one knows who the winner is except you and whoever printed the card. Therefore, by the time anyone would figure it out, the loser would be half way through an acceptance speech. For good measure, Kimmel also said he would eat the part of the card with the name on it.

Kimmel used Matt LeBlanc as an example during his address. This resulted in the following picture, which circulated social media heavily following the awards show.

While it was clearly a joke, the backlash that Kimmel received inspired him to have a week long LIVE version of the popular Celebrity Mean Tweets. Each day this week, a different group of celebs will read mean Tweets about themselves and we will see their pure reaction, no rehearsal. Below is the first installment.

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