Sort Out Your Appearance: How To Bag The Hottie Of Your Dreams

If you don’t seem to be having much luck with the ladies lately, then there may be a reason for it. Your appearance. It’s a harsh reality, but if you’ve been letting it slip of late, then it’s probably time to sort out your scruffy act. Especially, if you’re chasing a real hottie, like Shelby Chesnes, who you’ve had your eye on for a while! Here’s how to look good enough to get the girl of your dreams.

Start Working Out

workoutIf you haven’t already, then go bag yourself a gym membership. You’ll need to look lean if you want to capture any girl under the sun. If this one you’re chasing is truly beautiful, then you need to look pretty spectacular yourself. Sadly, your charm might not be enough if you’ve still got a bit of a beer belly left over from Christmas! Hitting the gym at least three-times-a-week should be your goal, be sure to give yourself a rest day, though. Overdoing it could see you out of action, and, therefore, losing valuable gaining time. Invest in protein shakes and other supplements to aid your bulk. That way, you’ll be looking far more ripped in a matter of months! Awesome.

Dress Better

If your fashion sense is still stuck in the noughties, then you’re probably going to want to sort out your act. Looking good is everything to a woman who is exactly that. So, be sure to get some of the finest gear and ensure that it fits you perfectly. If your job entails wearing a suit, then try having one tailor made. It should compliment your figure, which means it should sit slimmer in some areas and baggier in others. This will make you appear better looking and more fashion conscious. Great clothes will always give off a great impression. So, don’t underestimate this tip!

Sort Out Your Personal Grooming

No woman likes an ungroomed man, certainly not a super hottie! Be sure to keep whatever look you’re going for in line. If you’re currently rocking the beard, then fair play, it’s fashionable right now. However, what isn’t fashionable is having your beard looking scruffy and overgrown. Get yourself a proper beard trimmer and see to that thing every morning and every evening to keep it in shape. Similarly, get your eyebrows right. Did you think this was just a girl thing? Nope. Nobody likes a monobrow, so get yours gone, today! Similarly, keep your personal hygiene levels up. Be sure to always wash your hands regularly, clean your teeth twice a day and shower at least once every twenty-four hours. Use mouthwash and carry mints to ensure that your breath is always super fresh for that hottie in your life. If your hair is starting to recede and you’re beginning to look like an old man, then get a hair transplant. It could well be worth the investment if it helps you land the woman of your dreams! Check out sites such as for more information.


Hopefully, this guide has inspired you to sort out your appearance. If it has, then you should be well on your way to bagging that hottie of your dreams! Good luck.

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