NFL and Discipline Issues by MyBookie

The National Football League is one of the most lucrative sports in the world. Its showcase event is considered one of the most iconic events with the Super Bowl a major attraction for all people worldwide. The sport itself is only disputed in the United Kingdom where they know football to be what the Americans know to be soccer. The gentleman’s game however only resembles NFL by name with the league decidedly in disciplinary turmoil. The ethics of football on the British Isles encourages the players to be ambassadors and role models in their lives both on and off the pitch. The NFL will do well to borrow a leaf from their contemporaries from across the Atlantic in light of their checkered history “Make the most out of the game, check out the sports betting guide here.”

Michael Vick remains one of the most vilified players for his dog ring business while on the other end people like Brandon Marshall got off easy despite a heinous act of violence. The difference in punishment for the two by law is vast but in terms of the NFL handling them, Vick was suspended severally and prejudiced whereas Marshall was banned for a single game before being treated to a heroes’ welcome upon his return. After hearing the case of Greg Hardy, an arbitrator actually reduced his NFL ban from ten games to four games. This is despite a clear case of battery and subsequent bribery as he paid the victim to withdraw her cooperation.

The message that emanates from the NFL is that violence against women is an acceptable evil for players. Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones rubbed salt into the gaping wound by holding a celebratory welcome for the judgment without so much as a rap on the knuckles for their star player. The NFL has shown a remarkable leniency and negligence in handling the affairs of their players. There is a need to address the issues regarding anger and resentment towards women in the sport as the NFL fraternity seems almost impossible to maintain a domestic relationship without violence. Whether it is counseling for the players or getting anger management classes, the NFL players have been crying out for help. The league association however seems intent on further lengthening the collective rap sheet of the NFL players.

Greg Hardy’s case shows a huge problem in the disciplinary procedures of the NFL and he is just but one example. The underlying anger issues should be treated and managed by the very league that grants them license to batter each other on the pitch. The case with Mr. Hardy shows an illegal approach by the legal team to obtain photos of the said victim and that seems to have tipped the case in his favor. The law could let him off but the NFL should not. With an eye on deterrence, the NFL should be quick to shun violence against women and announce penalties for being found doing so. The next step is to put rules in place to encourage rewards for successful anger management, rehabilitation and domestic tranquility.

These are just the smallest of changes that should be made to make the NFL a partner for women and the players when they leave the pitch and get home to play their roles as home heroes.

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