Kyrie Irving Hit Buzzer Beater To Force Overtime In Win Over Spurs

Kyrie Irving got mad last night. It was somewhere around the second or third quarter. He drained a three point shot and turned around and had that look. But no matter what the Cleveland Cavaliers did well last night, the San Antonio Spurs just did it a little better. Throughout the second half the Cavs were continually down 4-6 points. Hanging around, but not making a run.

In fact, they didn’t tie or lead the game until there was 0:00 on the clock after Kyrie Irving drained an inbound three-pointer with 3.1 seconds left to go to force overtime, 110-110. That three gave Kyrie 46 points on the night. Not bad.

It was one of those iconic shots. One that will be remembered for a long, long time. Perhaps, if nothing more, it was because it allowed Kyrie Irving to rack up another 11 points in the extra frame, making him the highest scoring Cavalier in a game, ever.

LeBron James seemed to – and I’m just saying this because Kyrie scored 57 points – step back and let his point guard take over the game. James, by “stepping back,” still dropped 31 points, including a clutch three in overtime while Irving was wide open on the wing. That was the statement.

Kyrie Irving finished his historic night 20-of-32 from the field and 7-7 from behind the arc while piling up a career high 57 points.


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