Erin Andrews Gets A Dose Of Karma, Deflects It On Her Coke-Toting Boyfriend

Los Angeles Kings’ Jarret Stoll was arrested on Friday in Las Vegas for allegedly trying to smuggle some ecstasy and cocaine into the MGM Grand pool, Wet Republic. If it wasn’t bad enough that a professional athlete was trying to get street drugs into a pool party, to make matters worse the athlete is the boyfriend of the woman the internet loves to hate, Erin Andrews**.

Obviously, this made EA an easy target for trolls. However, one troll had been waiting more than two years to unload on Ms. Andrews.

Former Ole Miss basketball star Marshall Henderson.

Even Erin has to admit that the Tweet from Henderson was warranted. However, instead of letting the negative light from the arrest shift from the actual perp to herself, she used her platform on Dancing With The Stars to get what the internet thinks is a dig in on Stoll.

Erin asked Willow Shields if she ever busted those moves out on spring break to which she replied that she would probably rather stay home and watch movies all week.

EA’s response?

“I feel like some other people should learn from you.”

Shots fired. #pewpew

**Don’t lump me in with those sad sacks who bandwagon hate on EA. They think it’s the cool thing to do, so they will bash her on Twitter. Not me. I’m in like with her.

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