The Clippers Were So Bad Last Night, Doc Rivers Had To Apologize To A Fan

The Los Angeles Clippers went into Cleveland last night with a plan of snapping the Cavaliers 11-game winning streak.

The Cavaliers had other plans.

Leading by 31 points after three quarters, all of the starters rested in the fourth. The final 105-94 is a lot closer than the game was. Deadspin has a nice recap of all the technical and flagrant fouls the Clippers picked up, as well as Matt Barnes’ ejection and their collective crying about the referees post-game.

They were so bad at one point, head coach Doc Rivers fist bumped a young man sitting courtside with, presumably, his father.

“We should have gave you a better game today. We’ll make it up to you, alright?”

I’m sure this kid is in that awkward stage where he doesn’t know what team he likes. At one point I liked the Miami Hurricanes and Dallas Cowboys.

Oh to be young and stupid.

I just wish Doc asked him who the starting five were. That would have been more entertaining than whatever the hell the Clippers were doing.

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