Did Iman Shumpert Just Call For A Four Game Sweep Of Golden State?

Iman Shumpert and the Cleveland Cavaliers made quick work of the Atlanta Hawks in the Eastern Conference Finals last week. In doing so, they earned themselves a full nine days off. As such, it has given Shump and some of his teammates some spare time to relax and maybe go out for a bit. Shump’s activity of choice was hitting a local movie theater to see The Rock’s new blockbuster San Andreas.

In hindsight, since Shump and Co. have to play the first two games of the NBA Finals in Oakland at The Oracle, perhaps this wasn’t the movie he should have chose to see. Here’s his tweet after the game.

Pretty hilarious, right? But what almost everyone covering this story failed to mention, is that Shump believes the Cavaliers will only need four games to finish the series. Did he just call for a sweep? Sure looks that way.

The Warriors eventually responded exactly how you would expect a team that went 39-2 at home to respond.

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