This Darth Vader Hot Air Balloon Has Nerd Boner Written All Over It

“May the Fourth be with you.”

Thanks. Can you crawl back into your parents basement now, nerd? Relax, I know a lot of you areĀ Star Wars fans. Hell, even Country Club Bill and DiNunz are big Warheads (I don’t know what you guys call each other). I, however, am not. I’ve never seenĀ Star Wars and at this point in my life, what’s the point? I can just sit here and make fun of you guys for loving a upright walking dog more than your own mother.

But. I will say that this Darth Vader hot air balloon is rather impressive. Not impressive in the fact that it’s Darth Vader, but impressive because of the detail put into it.

Also, since I am pro-Spaceballs guy, I’ll just assume this is Dark Helmet and not Darth Vader.

darth vader hot air balloon

“How many assholes we got on this ship!?”

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