Chrissy Teigen Asked About A Public Place She’s Had Sex, Responds ‘The Obama Thing’

Chrissy Teigen is one of the best social media follows you can find. If you are not following her on Twitter and Instagram, please do so now. We’ll wait.

She hilariously pokes fun at her husband, John Legend, while taking down internet trolls in a not-so-subtle way. Her sense of humor is off the charts. And, oh yeah, she’s like a 10.

Teigen and Legend were on the red carpet for the Grammy Awards and were asked to pull a question out of a hat and answer it. Teigen obliged and pulled the question “public place you did it.”

As soon as the question is read, you can see Legend knows that Teigen is going to put them both on blast.

Her first follow up question was “is this the best or the worst?” Legend continued to squirm, responding “the best.”

This is when Teigen declared “probably the Obama thing.”

Chrissy Teigen, ladies and gentlemen.


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