Vote Now for The 2013 Hump Day Hottie of the Year

It’s hard to believe that 2013 is winding down. This year went extremely fast. It feels like it was just yesterday that we were putting Shannon Ihrke in the Thunder Treats Hall of Hot. This year was out best year ever, both in the quality and quantity departments. Obviously, with a big boy job and everything else that comes with being a grown up, I am pressed sometimes to find time to post a hottie for you on every Wednesday.  This year was my best average, hitting 45/49 weeks! I don’t count the first week or the last two weeks of the year because those are reserved for crowing, and voting for, the Hump Day Hottie of the Year, respectively.

I have trimmed those 45 women down to the top 8 based on total hotness, Twitter interaction and traffic.  These 8 women are all more than qualified to wear the crown, but it is up to all of you to tell us who number 1 is! This year, since these hotties are so close, I have allowed you to vote for more than one woman. Also, you can vote daily so make sure to come back and keep giving your favorite some love.

The voting will start today, as seen on the right side of this page, and continue until New Year’s Day at which time we will announce who is your new Hump Day Hottie of the Year! Make sure to vote and tell your friend(s)!!

Grace Kosmider

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Tiffany Habib

[nggallery id = 146]


Charlotte Springer

[nggallery id = 147]


Nina Agdal

[nggallery id = 148]


Monika Pietrasinska

[nggallery id = 149]


Leigh Brandt

[nggallery id = 150]


Scarlet Bouvier

[nggallery id = 151]


Beth Humphreys

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