Vote for Pavlik's Ring Girl

Valley24 has put up voting for ring girl at Kelly Pavlik’s next fight on FEB.21 against Marco Antonio Rubio. Youngstowns finest trash has assembled and posted photos on this website for cleaner towns to poke fun at. Dawn attempts to hula hoop which I’m pretty sure has absolutely nothing to do with holding a sign while walking but nice effort. If you click through it only shows the girls with videos. Enter different numbers at the end of the http to see others. Some dude actually submitted himself. He beat you to it SoCal.

I’m sure Thundertreats will have more on the fight in the upcoming week. Just want to turn your attention to one of the undercards featuring Jake Giuriceo fighting out of Struthers, OH. He is making his pro debut at 142 lbs (super lightweight) against some kid from Cleveland that doesn’t know what he got himself into.

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