Vivid Entertainment chairman protecting Demi Lovato

Steven_Hirsch_DEMI_LOVATOThere have been numerous rumors flying around the interwebs that there is a sex tape out there starring Demi Lovato.  Normally, whether true or not, you will see Vivid Entertainment start to emerge from the cracks in the sidewalk, offering up insane amounts of money for the exclusive rights to the film.  What you almost never see is Vivid doing it to protect the celebrity.

Steven Hirsch, co-chairman and co-founder of Vivid Entertainment said that they are determined to find out if the tape is real and if so buy it.  Their intentions are to purchase the tape and bury it or if Demi would like they will give it back to her.  When asked why he would do such a thing, Hirsch told TMZ, “After everything that Demi Lovato has been through, we would never consider distributing a sex tape with her. In fact, we would purchase it and either give it back to her or destroy it.”.

I still don’t buy it. is saying that it is because Hirsch himself is a recovering addict and that he owns the outpatient recovery center, Hollywood Recovery Services.  Still this doesn’t make any sense.  I get that Hirsch is a recovering addict and he knows what it will do to Demi’s progress if they release the tape but I hardly think that would stop this guy.

Think about everything Vivid has been about when it comes to celebrity sex tapes, who they have had.  Searching their website they have had over a dozen tapes released.  Of those dozen I counted six or so that have been in and out of rehab and it never stopped Hirsch before.  Some of the celebs that have tapes with Vivid are:

Kim Kardashian
Kendra Wilkinson
Montana Fishburne
Shauna Sand
Mindy McCready
Jessica Sierra
Paris Hilton
Kelli McCarty
Pamela Anderson
Vince Neil
Jimi Hendrix

The above names that are marked in red represent the celebrities that were in rehab before, during or after Vivid released their sex tapes.  Montana Fishburne was in rehab for anger management issues just like Miss Lovato.  I applaud Steven Hirsch for not wanting to diminish any kind of progress that Demi Lovato has made, but I think he should be honest when he gives reasons as to why they would not release the tape.  Vivid Entertainment is a porn company, plain and simple.  I think the time has expired on Vivid trying to portray itself as a company who puts the celebrity before the sex tape.  Just be honest Hirsch, is it you in the video with Lovato?

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