TT's Hottest Tv Co-Star Contest : Sarah Shahi

Contestant #1

ThunderTreats newest excuse to stare at hot chicks while your at work is our Hottest Tv Co-star Contest. Every few days a new contestant will be introduced leading up to a vote.

This plethora of smoke faces kicks off with one of my favorites in NBC’s Life co-star, Sarah Shahi, who plays detective Dani Reese. This cupcake hails from the great state of Texas. Sarah started off as a beauty queen and fitness model who turned Dallas Cowboy cheerleader. Geaaah Dream Girl. This under appreciated actress gained some spotlight by making Maxim’s Hot 100 in 2005(#90) and 2006(#66). Before landing the role as ex-junky and badass detective Dani Reese, Sarah scored a few spots on the Sopranos, The Supernatural, Alias and Dawson’s Creek. You also might have seen her in a few movie hits like Old School, For Your Consideration and Rush Hour 3. The only mark on her record is currently being knocked up by some dbag actor from SoCal’s favorite sitcom REBA. Pregnant or not Sarah is bringin it for this competition.


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