The 2011 Cougar Madness Tournament

I can’t believe it has been a year since we crowned Kristin Chenoweth as the 2010 Cougar Madness Champion.  This year, we have a couple dozen new cougars entering the tournament after hitting the big 4-0 either late in 2010 or the first couple months of 2011.  For those of you who aren’t hip to the Cougar Madness Tournament, the requirements are simple.  Be hot and over 40 years old.  Now, as with anything that has to do with ranking women, I am sure there are some cougars I may have missed.  For that, I apologize and I encourage you to leave anyone you felt was over looked in the comment section.  I definitely used the comments from last year when considering women for this years bracket. Vanessa Marcil and Marisa Tomei have commenters to thank for their involvement in this years tournament.

The bracket itself took me about 3 hours to complete.  Trust me, after doing this for the third straight year, I definitely have a soft spot in my heart for the NCAA selection commitee.  I didn’t stop there though because I love you all.  I then proceeded to make picture galleries for each of the matchups.  I know that some of these ladies aren’t as familar to some of you so I thought a visual aid would help.

This years tournament will work the same as last years tourney.  The first two rounds winners will be determined by their corresponding team in the NCAA Tournament.  So, if/when the 1 seed in the South region beats the 16 seed, Jennifer Aniston (1 Seed, South) will advance to round two.  After the first two rounds are complete, we will have our Sexy 16.  That is when you guys will begin to vote on the matchups.  A deadline will be announced for each round and after that deadline, the bracket will be updated and you will continue your voting for the next round.

The reason there isn’t voting on the first two rounds is because that would 32 voting polls and I can’t believe someone is going to vote for all 32.  Since we are waiting until the Sexy 16 to open up for voting, there will be more visitor participation.

Enjoy the pictures and bracket!  Spread the word and make sure to keep checking back to see how your favorite cougar is doing!

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