Q&A With Hump Day Hottie Susie Abromeit

This weeks Hump Day Hottie was Susie Abromeit.  If you haven’t yet, I highly suggest checking out the pictures posted in the the Hump Day Hottie article.  If you actually read the post, you saw that I didn’t really know much about Susie and even told her to “hit me up” so we could do an interview to learn a little more about her.  To my surprise (understatement), Susie did in fact hit me up and we did a little Q & A.  Now the next time she is featured on a website, which clearly will be sooner rather than later, the author will have a little background on our girl.  Enjoy!

– I know from IMDB you were born in Boston, but tell us a little bit about growing up.  Was acting something you were always passionate about?  Was this what you wanted to do from an early age?

– I grew up in Boston and was much of a tomboy. I was into nature and animals, (wouldn’t be caught dead in a dress) and always played sports with the boys. I prided myself in my ability to be better at sports than the boys at the time. 🙂  I was also an artist and avid writer at a very early age and knew somehow, someway I would be a storyteller. Feeling somewhat at odds in school and not quite knowing my place in where I fit in-I wasn’t a popular girly girl and at the time boys still thought girls had cooties,  it wasn’t until I was about nine where I was introduced to acting and tennis where I found my place in the world.  When I was nine, my mother had put me in a summer acting camp just to probably keep me busy and out of trouble since I had an incredible amount of energy. I felt at home on the stage, but that year was when I was introduced to tennis and everything else took a back seat.  Simultaneously, my mother had entered me in a local modeling contest for “Macy’s” and I had ended up winning it to my surprise (I was a tomboy and was not quite equipped yet in knowing how to be a lady). Also I was in the running to play the lead in my school play (yeah I know, it was a big deal to me…) My coaches had discouraged me from doing both, so at that time in my life, I chose tennis. In just two years and to my disbelief and to my coaches prediction, I became ranked no. 1 in New England.  I  was then recruited by a professional coach and moved down to Florida to train at a tennis academy full time.

– How did you get your start in your acting career?

– While many amazing things began to happen, my only focus was to be a top ranked tennis player so I could go to Duke on a full tennis scholarship. Then when I was 18, that dream became a reality, but right around that time, I injured my back and had to figure something else to do for my next couple of months off. That was when I was reintroduced to acting, writing, and singing and fell back in love. I was taking acting classes and six months later, a song I co-wrote began playing on radio stations in Miami. Torn between my two loves, I had to put my other dreams on hold and go to Duke. Playing for the best team in the country (at the time we were ranked no. 1 in NCAA) my freshman year, I saw mostly the bench and was a very good cheerleader, but was lucky enough to play third string doubles and had a undefeated streak of 13 matches in a row.  At the same time, I would audition for plays at Duke, and would have to turn them down to our hectic training/traveling schedule. While traveling to tournaments I would lug around my guitar and write songs, but knew tennis was no longer my passion. Then during my sophomore year, that was when I gave up my scholarship so I could continue what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. From there, Atlantic Records had called me around that time and suggested I do a song with Fat Joe. We did and it became a top requested song on Florida Radio stations. From there, I began working on my album, and a few more songs were top requested songs on the radio. Then, I received a message (on myspace) about a movie I should audition for– about a singer/rapper trying to make it in the music business. I ended up booking the role in the indie film and that is when I began pursuing acting full time.

susie-abromeit-9– I mentioned in the Hump Day Hottie article that you were a pretty bad ass tennis player, bad ass enough to play at Duke University.  What were some your accomplishments in tennis and do you still play on the regular?  Any other sports? Hobbies?

-I love all sports and pretty much will play anything. Especially wake boarding, horseback riding, football, baseball. Probably, the only sports I am useless at are bowling, pool, and basketball. I can shoot hoops, but my dribbling is a bit questionable. I also used to ski race competitively. I started when I was about 2 years old and was top ranked in New Hampshire, but I chose to play tennis in warm weather than freezing my butt at six in the morning runs. 🙂

– Maxim recently did a feature on you, complete with the video of the shoot and everything.  How big of an opportunity was that for you?  Does it pale in comparison to being named the Hump Day Hottie on Thunder Treats?

-Maxim came as a complete surprise. That was pretty cool to be featured in Maxim, but it is also very awesome to be featured as Hump Day Hottie!

– After seeing the video of your photo shoot, you looked like a pro.  Have you done any professional modeling before?

– I did some modeling while I was pursuing my acting career early on. The most notable thing I had done for modeling was a campaign for GM for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit back in 2007. I had shot with the talented Walter Iooss who shot many of the famous photos you see in Sports Illustrated and he was lovely. The only unfortunate thing about that shoot, was that the wind felt like a tornado and we had to improvise and pin my hair back. When they went back in post, my hair looked a bit like a weave   I don’t know if that actually counts for being in Sports Illustrated or not, but it was still an amazing shoot and an honor to be a part of.

– I assume you came across our Hump Day Hottie article via the Twitter message I sent you, how often are you checking Twitter and do you find it a good way to interact with your fans?  Do you have a fan page on Facebook?

-I found your article via Twitter.  I love interacting with fans!  I am completely grateful for all the love and support I get from them. Without them, I don’t think I would be able to be here and do what I love so much. This is my facebook fan page.

– Even though you have been in the industry for a little while, do you ever find yourself getting starstruck by different when at different premiers or events?

-To be honest, I try to look at everyone the same. Although I might have the utmost respect for a director, actor, or producer, at the end of the day, they’re just people trying to find their way in the world and always felt that no one
is better or worse. I don’t really see much difference between the best actor in the world or someone who has a nine to five job, but that’s just me…although, I see everyone as equal, what I can tell you that your senses and emotions are heightening when you are auditioning for people you look up to. When you have to deliver in front of your heros, that can be thrilling and exciting.  So more in a performance sense that is always something special. For my movie “Setup” I had auditioned for 50 cent. I grew up listening to his music and I remember walking in and having to take a moment and just focus on my scene from not being overwhelmed. Then right after the audition, he slammed his fist down in happiness and said “ya, get it girl!” That was a very cool moment and I ended up booking the movie shortly after.

– Some of us saw you in movies such as Sex Drive and Battle Los Angeles.  Are there any projects you are currently working on or pursuing that you could tell us about?

-Yes! A movie I feel really fortunate to be a part of is called “Setup” is out on DVD and it’s stars Bruce Willis, 50 Cent, Ryan Phillippe, and Jenna Dewan, directed by Mike Gunther who I had the pleasure of working with again and is one of my favorite directors to work with because not only is he an awesome person, but he just gets it and is a class act. Also, on Friday September 23rd at 8pm on CBS, I will be on “A Gifted Man.” I play the character Lacey Sandreski and it stars Patrick Wilson, Julie Benz, and Margo Martindale.  The pilot episode was directed by Jonathan Demme who I have say was such a pleasure to work with. Just the consummate director and I just adore him.

Big thanks to Susie for being so awesome and hitting us up!  Be sure to follow her on Twitter and on Facebook.  Don’t forget to check her out on “A Gifted Man” TOMORROW, September 23rd on CBS and make sure to get your copy of “Setup” today! 

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