Paulina Gretzky on the Cover of Golf Digest is Great for Both Us and the PGA

What does Paulina Gretzky have to do with golf? Pretty much nothing except for being engaged to Dustin Johnson. But, rather than ask questions like that, why don’t we really ask what took Golf Digest so long to put her on the cover?

I can guess the reasoning is just that. They didn’t have a reason. Unlike other publications, Golf Digest couldn’t have just put her on the cover for her looks or who she is engaged to. But, what if they had a fitness issue? Surely, she would qualify, judging by her Instagram, to be the cover model, right?


See what I did there?

The upcoming May issue of Golf Digest will be the magazines annual “get fit” issue. Last year, they featured Holly Sonders¬†and it was a wild success. So it’s safe to say that Paulina has some pretty high standards to live up to.


However, Paulina is getting more people looking at Golf Digest, and the game in general, than Holly Sonders may have. While Sonders was a golfer in college and probably the most recognizable TV personality for golf, Paulina is gaining interest based on her looks, her parents and who she is engaged to. She’s hitting a demographic that otherwise probably would have never read or picked up a Golf Digest. It might sound shallow, but that is perfectly fine. I’m sure the PGA has no problem getting more public interest, no matter where it comes from.

Check out the full gallery from May’s issue of Golf Digest here.

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