Orlando Bloom is a Lucky Dude


My heart was broken this morning as I listened to the radio on the way to work.  Miranda Kerr, for whatever reason, is now engaged to Orlando Bloom after 3 years of dating.  I guess thats pretty good that they can be together for 3 years and not be cheating on each other or up to their nostrils in blow.  So good for them.  For us, we can only hope that this piece of smokeface pie will continue to eye rape us with her spreads in GQ and Maxim.  In honor of all that Miranda has given us in the past, here is a 36 picture gallery of her…One for every month Orlando has held her captive.  Enjoy.

 kerr1  kerr2  kerr3  kerr4

  kerr5  kerr6  kerr7  kerr8

   kerr9  kerr10  kerr12  kerr11

kerr13  kerr14  kerr15  kerr16

kerr17  kerr18  kerr19  kerr28

kerr21  kerr22  kerr23  kerr24

kerr25  kerr26  kerr27  kerr20

kerr29  kerr30  kerr31  kerr33

kerr32  kerr34  kerr35  kerr36


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