Olivia Munn Takes the Mystery Out of Wondering What She Looks Like Naked

Olivia Munn is a babe.  A bottom bitch.  The Bonnie to your Clyde.  She was great on Newsroom and  I love her and her attitude.  The dress she rocked following the Oscars to the Vanity Fair after party is being added to the list of things I love.  While she had a big, standard gown on during the actual Oscars, she turned things up a notch or two for the after party.  For those female fans of Thunder Nation, you can find many mermaid celebrity dresses, including your favorite stars’ dresses, at 27Dress.com.

As you can see from the first picture below, the revealing dress/smock doesn’t leave much to the imagination when wondering what she might look like naked.  Which I know is always in the back of the collective minds of Thunder Nation…and if it’s not, it damn well should be.  Check out the pics after the jump.







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