Olivia Munn burning up the pages of Maxim

olivia-munn-maximOlivia Munn will be appearing on the February cover of Maxim magazine in an outfit that is sure to draw some controversy.  You may be asking yourself “who would have a problem with that?”.  I sure as hell don’t and most people have gotten used to the fact that Maxim objectifies women (ah, thank you) and there is nothing they can do about it.  Inside the mag, Munn is interviewed and talks about her upcoming show, ‘Perfect Couples’, which will start this month on ABC.

“It’s about three different couples and how these six people interact with each other,” she said. “There’s the seemingly normal couple, and then there’s a couple that fights and screams and has sex all the time and suddenly gets back together, and then there’s the seemingly perfect couple. That’s the one I’m in.”

This show had a preview episode back in December and, because I am a TV junkie, I watched it.  I must say I don’t see this showing lasting very long.  The only thing that got me to watch for the entire 22 minutes was Munn herself.  I love Olivia as much as the next dude, but even she can’t save that show.  So make sure to catch her while you can before the show gets the ax.

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