Lindsay Lohan's Playboy spread has leaked

ll2Earlier this week, we posted the cover of Lindsay Lohan’s upcoming spread in Playboy.  Well, thanks to the internet, we have the full pictorial to gaze upon.  I think she looks good, but I have been in love with her since she was legal.  Some people are blasting the amount of photoshop and airbrushing that went into this spread but really, look at every other Playboy over the course of time.  It was a rather tasteful photoshoot and by tasteful, I mean she didn’t show her who-haa to the world.  She will probably save that for when she gets out of the car at commando night at the club.

Check out the pictures of LiLo here and here.  I’m not gonna post them here because I don’t want sued and this is clearly a family friendly site…no matter what your internet filter says at work!

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