Lindsay Lohan REALLY Loves to Party

Lindsay Lohan loves to party.  Perhaps even more than myself.  Fresh out of rehab and she has already failed her first two drug tests.  Some sources are claiming that she failed because she was back to using cocaine while at least one of the failed tests is still unknown.  As part of her probation, if LiLo fails to appear for, or registers a positive result of a court mandated drug test, she could face 30 days in jail.  Lindsay admitted via her twitter feed that she did not pass her test.


Perhaps it’s time for her PR people to pull the plug on her twitter feed?  I mean she can’t be helping herself right?  She has blamed the people she surrounds herself with as her main problem.  They are the enablers and even her father, Michael, has said that is the main problem.  How much longer are people going to allow that to be an excuse?  She is old enough to know the difference between a good friend and a drug hookup.

I have a great idea.  How about we have LiLo come to Ohio and hang out with DiLo.  The only thing she has to worry about is the bars closing at 2am.  I won’t allow her to do any sorts of illicit drugs and in turn, she can support me financially.  This way she gets her mind right and I get my credit right!  Someone pass this along to Lindsay’s people and her contact my people…And by my people, I mean use the “Contact” link at the top of the page.   


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