Lindsay Lohan's Playboy has leaked online

The much anticipated upcoming issue of Playboy featuring actress/inmate Lindsay Lohan has just had fuel thrown on the publicity fire.


Late Wednesday, a leaked photo of the new issue’s cover was leaked online.  It shows LiLo with a vintage look, which isn’t surprising since she has a mild infatuation with Marilyn Monroe.  She is posed on a Playboy Bunny chair that has covered her private areas.

A publicist for the magazine announced this week that Lindsay would only be doing one interview to promote her spread and that was to be next week on Ellen.  Her thunder seems to have been stolen now that the cover has been leaked.  Although, don’t be surprised if this is Playboy’s way of stirring up some publicity.  It is possible that this cover was an option of many and Playboy intentionally leaked it only to show the real one next week on national television.

It probably isn’t likely but at the same time I wouldn’t be surprised. 

Even though Lindsay Lohan will probably look like a train wreck in this magazine, I know I am going to buy it.  Because, as with any wreck, it’s hard not to at least give it a glance.

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