Kristen Stewart is better in print than motion. Fact.

kristen-stewart-19Kristen Stewart is attractive. I have always throught that. However until I saw the new pictures from her spread in the upcoming Vogue magazine, I was never really all that impressed with her. Her only movie that I have seen was Adventureland and every time I see her on an awards show or red carpet it is very uncomfortable to sit through.  She is, to borrow a word from my grandma, “fidgitty”.  She comes off as nervous and uncomfortable in her own skin.  It blows my mind that she can be so comfortable in front of a camera while shooting a movie but so awkward in front of a similar camera at the Oscars.  Perhaps it’s because of live TV, but who knows.  However Kristen is, to borrow a term from the upcoming Thunder Treats DICKtionary, a smokeface and we do not let women of the smokeface persuasion slip through the cracks.

So I guess what I am saying is that as long as Kristen Stewart is in print and not on film, I am all for it. Might be shallow, but it’s the truth. I don’t lie to you guys.

Whatever your thoughts, check out the gallery of pictures below from Vogue Magazine.  You won’t be mad you did.


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