Kim Kardashian British GQ ‘Woman Of The Year’ For Getting Pregnant And Marrying A Rapper

British GQ is really reaching on this one. To make Kim Kardashian West their “Woman of the Year”, I have to believe that every other woman in the world is dead.

I know that’s not true, so I’ll assume page views/magazine buys was behind this.

I’m writing about it, so maybe they’re on to something?


The magazine named her Woman of the Year because she had a kid and married a rapper. No really, that was the entire list of prerequisites to be the Woman of the Year. They claim she went from reality star to “bona-fide media sensation”, but I argue she was more popular after that home video she did with Ray J leaked.

It’s been quite the year for Mrs. Kardashian West. She gave birth to her first child, North West, married her rapper boyfriend, Kanye, in one of the most lavish ceremonies on record, and made the transition from ‘just another’ reality TV star to bona fide media sensation.

It wouldn’t be wrong to claim that, right now, she’s the most famous woman in the world. Even Obama talks about her. It wouldn’t be wrong, either, to say she’s redefined the meaning of pop culture in the mere space of 12 months.

That second paragraph is everything that is wrong with America, all jammed into two sentences.

Check BSO for the rest of the pics.

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