Kate Upton scorches the pages of Esquire

kate-upton-march-esquire-01Everyone’s main love interest for about the past year or so has been Kate Upton.  Can you blame us?  Usually when someone gets the exposure that Kate Upton has in the last year, they will fizzle out.  People will get tired of them.  Not in Upton’s case.  She seems to be gaining momentum with every new magazine spread or cover.  Her interviews and articles only help her, by painting her as a normal, down to earth 19 year old girl. 

You read that right.

At only 19 years old, the would-be freshman in college is killing runways as well as hearts.  It seems as though the runway and bright lights blinds many to the fact that she can’t even purchase alcohol yet. 

But does all that really matter?  After looking at her new spread in Esquire Magazine, I can’t say that it does.  Kate Upton was a beauty before this article and, since it’s release, is only moving farther up the smoke face ladder.  Check out the gallery and video below from the latest issue of Esquire, and also read the article that goes along with it.


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