It’s Official! Kate Mara is Hotter Than Rooney Mara and @DiNunz Doesn’t Know Anything

Last week, my partner on the Thunder Treats Podcast, @DiNunz, tried to tell me that Rooney Mara was a better overall choice than her sister Kate Mara.  Responses were great.  I got one email that simply said “Tell me you’re joking”.

We were not joking.  DiNunz was under the impression that the younger Mara sister was hotter than the elder and was willing to make a wager and let Thunder Nation decide.  So a $20 gift certificate to a dirty restaurant was put on the line and we turned the voting over to you guys.

With 73% of the vote, Kate Mara steam rolled her less attractive sister with almost no resistance.  In fact, she never fell behind in voting the entire time!


So there you have it.  While DiNunz is scrambling to find a dirty restaurant, you all can enjoy the photo gallery of Kate below.  Thanks for the support!

[nggallery id = 101]

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