Hump Day Hotties: The #1 Seeds for the 2012 Cougar Madness Tournament

Cougar Madness is has turned 4!  Its hard to believe that just 4 years ago we crowned Mary Louise Parker the inaugural Cougar Madness Champion.  Since then, Kristen Chenoweth took home the crown in 2010 and Vanessa Marcil in 2011. Also it should be noted that Liz Hurley played the part of Butler, coming up short in the championship in both 2010 and 2011.  Could this be her year?  Here are your #1 seeds for this years Cougar Madness Tournament!

Jennifer Aniston
Jen is entering her 4th consecutive year as a number 1 seed in the tournament.  Hopefully for her she can win it all this year after falling short in the past.  Its hard to believe she hasn’t even made a finals appearance since the inception of Cougar Madness.


Brooke Burke
New to the 40 club, Brooke enters her first year in the tournament on top.  A lot is expected of the new comer, but with her track record, she shouldn’t have a problem with her competition.


Jennifer Lopez
The quintessential cougar is back where she belongs.  After a year in which she dropped her husband, aka Skeletor, and picked up a young cub, we couldn’t help put give her one of the 1 seeds.  Big jump from last years 7 seed


Christine Taylor
Brooke Burke isn’t the only cougar new to Cougar Madness.  Christine Taylor is storming the gate, swiping a number 1 seed on her first appearance as well.  Many will remember Christine as “Melody” from Nickelodeons Hey Dude.


The full bracket will be posted on Sunday evening following the Selection Sunday show!  Rules and voting will be explained at that time!

UPDATE: The full bracket for the 2012 Cougar Madness Tournament has been posted! Check it out here!

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