Hump Day Hottie:Rocío Guirao Díaz


This week’s smokey pie is Rocio Guirao Diaz.  Put your hand up if the only part of that name you could pronounce was Diaz.  Now that your hand is up, give a virtual high five to Joshua Mummey from St. Louis who suggested this heart stopping 10.  Diaz is, shockingly, a model in Argentina and has been on their version of Dancing With the Stars, Bailando por un sueño. In accordance with Hump Day Hottie standards, since Diaz is from Buenos Aires, has an accent and has a unique name, I believe that puts her at a 13.  While you are doing that mental math, try to wrap your noggin around the fact that Rocio is a mom.  Yes, she has one daughter with her husband and a son on the way.  The good news is she is a MILF, the bad news is she is married.  Nuptials aside, there is no denying the rubbernecking capability that Diaz possesses as she walks down the street.  For this, we congratulate her on becoming this weeks Hump Day Hottie.  Enjoy more pics after the jump (NSWFish)…









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