Hump Day Hottie: Yvonne Strahovski


This week’s anti stressor comes to us from the land down undah.  Australian born Yvonne Strahovski is here to get you over the holiday blues, your annoying co-workers (my hand is raised here) or whatever else is bothering you.  If nothing is bothering you at the moment, then just soak in the hotness that is Yvonne.  Currently, you can catch Ms. S on the hit TV show Chuck as Sarah Walker and she also has 4 movies slated to come out in 2010.  In 2009, Maxim pretty much dropped the ball harder than Braylon Edwards when they ranked Yvonne at #94 on their Hot 100 list. Can we say weak sauce?  Obviously, Yvonne is very attractive and we must point out that she also has an Australian accent.  For those of you not familiar with Thunder Treats, there is nothing more that we love than a hottie with an accent.  Be sure to check out the website in Yvonne’s honor, for more pictures and information. Congrats to Yvonne Strahovski on being named Thunder Treats Hump Day Hottie and a special hat tip to Zach Williams of Las Vegas for the tip on this smokepie.






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