Hump Day Hottie: Tiffany Habib

This week’s Hump Day Hottie comes to us from…O-H-I-O! That is right!  For the first time since Jennifer Walcott (maybe, I’m too lazy to look) we have a home-grown Hump Day Hottie!  Tiffany Habib, according to her Facebook page, is from Adamsville, Ohio which is only a mere 2 and half hours from the Thunder Treats Headquarters in Youngstown!

That’s right, Tiff!  You can come visit us!

Anyways, in addition to being a hottie from Ohio, Tiffany is pretty active.  In addition to being a super hot model who has graced the pages of DUB Magazine, FHM Germany, FIGHT! Magazine and more, she is also an entrepreneur.  She is the CEO/Founder of the promotional modeling/staffing company P!nkElite, LLC.  She helps young models get off to the right start in the industry by sharing personal experiences and secret tips.

You’re a CEO/Founder, I’m a CEO/Founder. You’re from Ohio, I’m from Ohio. You’re a smoke face, I also think you’re a smoke face.  Seems like a match made in heaven!

All kidding aside, check out Tiffany’s gallery below and be sure to check her out on Facebook, which is where I got the pictures.  Also check her website and Twitter!  Keep up the good work, Tiff.

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h/t to @WorldOfIsaac (Guyism) via Hot Clicks

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