Hump Day Hottie: Susie Abromeit

susie-abromeit-1I consider myself pretty internet saavy, but when searching for some information on this weeks Hump Day Hottie I found nothing but dead ends.  Sure, there was the little bio on IMDB that told me she was from Boston, she’s 28, a badass tennis player and went to Duke, but that is about it.  So who is Susie Abromeit? A: a smokeface hottie that I remembered from her quick appearance in Sex Drive.  If you haven’t seen Sex Drive, I highly suggest checking it out, it is a pleasant surprise.  In Sex Drive, she is playing the part of the cousin who is in the mall shopping and is shown for maybe 5 seconds.  Since I have an unbelievable memory for hotties, I naturally remembered Susie.  Some of you might also recognize her from Battle Los Angeles.  Maxim has gotten on board as well, with this little interview.  Susie, if you are reading this, I would love to get a little interview with you so the next time a blogger wants to feature you on their site, they have a little more substance and a little less rambling on the article…hit me up! Enjoy more pics of Susie after the jump.

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