Hump Day Hottie: Shay Maria

This weeks Hump Day Hottie, Shay Maria, caught our eye when she appeared in a new video on YouTube from Kaloopy.  In the video, seen below, she is dancing around in a bikini.  I don’t think that needs much more explanation.  This SoCal born beauty just turned 23 years-old and you better get used to her name because she isn’t going anywhere.

She has appeared as a backup dancer for acts such as Chanel (rapping receptionist on Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory), been in countless music videos and has even found herself on television.  She also has one of the most interesting/awesome I have ever seen on her back.  Seriously.  Make sure you check it out in the video and pictures.

She does it all, folks.

Enjoy more of Shay in the gallery below.  Also, check out this gallery from The Chive where they shoot Shay with no photoshopping.  Impressive.

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