Hump Day Hottie: Sarah Wright

This week’s lil slice of heaven is Sarah Wright. Ms. Wright just turned 26 like a certain editor for a certain fantastic site (Im talking about this one idiots). She is also from a small town in Kentucky and I don’t know about you guys, but the only girls I have ever met from Kentucky are party girls. Sarah, like so many former Hump Day Hotties, is a former model and is now an actress. You may have seen her on this week’s episode of “How I Met Your Mother”. If you didn’t, then you missed one of the best episodes I have ever seen in the 4 plus seasons the show has been on. I suggest going to Hulu to watch it, then going straight to and buying the complete series. Anyway, she was also in The House Bunny as snotty sororiety babe Ashley and has had other numerous roles in shows such as 7th Heaven and Mad Men. So a hat tip to Sarah this Wednesday for becoming the new Hump Day Hottie, you deserve it. More pics of Sarah after the jump!

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