Hump Day Hottie: Rosalind Lipsett

Show me a girl that can be funny and hot at the same time and I’ll show you an engagement ring. The biggest, fattest engagement ring I can find. So I guess all I need from this week’s Hump Day Hottie Rosalind Lipsett is a ring size.

This Irish smoke pie moved to Los Angeles to pursue her comedic acting career and has since not only studied at Groundlings theater, but has also been inked by a little boutique called Wilhelmina Models. That was sarcasm.

In addition to being super hot and funny girl, I can assume with her ancestry that she can kill a pint faster than you can say ‘marry me’. Also, and probably most important, Rosalind has an accent that will knock your socks completely off. Ya know, the Irish accent that makes ‘throw’ sound like ‘trow’. Sigh. Check the 0:46 second mark.


Be sure to check out Rosalind on Twitter and Instagram and check out the gallery below.

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