Hump Day Hottie: Renee Somerfield

Before we get to the task at hand, let me apologize for the absence of Hump Day Hotties for the last two weeks. I could give you some lame excuse that you probably wouldn’t buy, but you guys deserve better than that. Therefore, I’ll just say sorry and hope that Renee Somerfield can squash our beef.

That’s correct, the blonde smoke show pictured is Renee Somerfield and I would absolutely love to give you the 411 on her, but unfortunately that part of her site is down for maintenance. Lucky for us, however, the rest of her site is up and if you can afford to get lost in amazing pictures for the next hour or so, then I recommend you visit the site at your earliest convenience.

Things I know about Renee are as follows:

She is gorgeous.
She is Australian.
She has a smoking hot accent.
She has graced the pages of Maxim Australia.
She is really good, some might say a pro, at Instagram.
She only wears bikinis.


I’ll assume you are still reading at this point and haven’t skipped to the gallery below as I extend a congratulations to Renee on being named this week’s Hump Day Hottie! Make sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter and especially Instagram. Enjoy the pics and make sure to give her site a visit too!

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