Hump Day Hottie: Paula Garces

pg4This weeks smokin’ stress reliever is Paula Garces.  Though born in Columbia (yes, she still retains, and gets points for, her accent) she moved to the United States when she was young.  Many of you will recognize Paula from her role as “Maria” from the Harold and Kumar movies.  That is where we found her and to be honest, I don’t really remember her from much else.  The power of the internet tells me that she was also in Man of the House opposite Tommy Lee Jones.  It doesn’t matter though, to be a Hump Day Hottie there is only ONE requirement.  I don’t think I have to state that requirement  because I like to think that Thunder Nation is smarter than that.  I must also point out that her last name is a little odd to say and she has an accent…+2 points for Ms. Garces.  Congrats Paula and welcome to the club…More pics (some NSFW-ish) of Paula after the jump…


The requirement was being hot for you boneheads…










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