Hump Day Hottie: Nikki Reed

nikki-reed-7This weeks Hump Day Hottie is Nikki Reed.  I would have been writing more this week for all of you but I’m in Vegas and have better things to do.  You should appreciate the fact that I paid $9.99 to use the internet here at Bally’s just so I could show you this smoke show.

– She starred in Thirteen. If you’ve never seen it, get on it.
– Not only did she star in it, she co-wrote it too
– She is 23 years old
– If you didn’t see Thirteen, then I am sure you saw Twilight
– She is from West Los Angelels
– The film Thirteen is based loosely on Reed’s life when she was 12 and 13
– Her mole drives me bananas
– She is on board with new flick Pawn, which stars Forest Whitaker and Ray Liotta


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