Hump Day Hottie: Nicky Whelan


Nicky Whelan is this week’s, and this year’s first, Hump Day Hottie.  Nicky is an actress/model from Australia and everyone that reads Thunder Treats knows how we feel about women with accents.  She is well known in Australia for her roles in the British soap opera Neighbours and here in the States can be seen on the new season of Scrubs as sexy med student Maya.  After doing a little googling of Nicky I found that she really dislikes clothing and is more on the side of bikini’s and lingerie.  Damn, what a shame, a smokie who would rather rock lingerie than clothes and has an accent.  I would give you her age but her fan site is telling me 26 while IMDB is telling me 28 so we will just split the difference and call her 27.  You will be able to see her star as lead actress along side David Spade in Hollywood and Wine or you can continue to tune in to this season of Scrubs.  Congratulations Nicky on being named the very first Hump Day Hottie of 2010, way to set the bar extremely high right out of the gate.  Enjoy more Nicky after the jump…

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