Hump Day Hottie: Nazneen Contractor


This week’s Hump Day Hottie honors goes to Nazneen Contractor.  Though her last name is quite easy to say, her first name is a bit more of challenge.  This will definitely put her under the umbrella of “hot chicks with hard names” category.  Born in Mumbai, India and later immigrated to Toronto, Canada, I first noticed her as the Kayla Hassan, President Omar Hassan’s daughter on 24.  Most recently though, she played Suneetha, the fiancé of the David Spades assistant in Rules of Engagement.  Those of you readers from the Great White North might recognize Nazneen from the Canadian hit show The Border where she played the part of Layla Hourani.  It’s worth noting that she has a slight accent that you can hear during the interview listed below.  Also worth noting that she is still going to college while acting.  She is going for her degree in Psychology and Sociology.  Way to go Nazneen, I can’t be sure but you may be the first Hump Day Hottie that is coincidentally an undergrad…sweet.  More pics and an interview after the jump…








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